This topic is very popular these days, so we decided to share our opinion and best practices. Both developers and students need ASP.NET hosting mainly for learning and testing purposes. We, as web developers, are using Visual Studio (Code) to build our .NET projects and use local web servers or virtual machines for testing and debugging. Also, we are using Git for the project repository system, so anyone could push his local changes and the other could pull his code and run it locally.

This is not the same if we need to deploy our business or eCommerce websites to production environments, to be live on the Internet for public access. So, the free ASP.NET hosting for developers and students will not be suitable any more, because you will need to have better page loading speed, uptime and technical support if needed. For our professional websites we are using LiquidWeb as a web hosting provider, because our experience shows that they provide the best ASP.NET hosting services at the moment.

We hope that with this article you will answer your questions and to help you in your search. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.