What does SPF mean

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email authentication method designed to detect sender addresses during the delivery of the email. It allows the receiving mail server to check during mail delivery that a mail claiming to come from a specific domain is submitted by an authorized IP address list. The list of authorized sending hosts and IP addresses for a domain is published in the DNS records for that domain. Together with DKIM and DMARC it could protect you from phishing and email spam.

How to set SPF record

You could do this via your ASP.NET hosting control panel, in our example we will set the SPF record for besthostingasp.net using Plesk Onyx for Windows. We should create a DNS TXT record following the next steps:

1. Go to ‘Home -> Subscriptions -> besthostingasp.net’ 2. Select ‘DNS Settings’ 3. Click ‘Add new record’ 4. Choose TXT record and enter the following info: ‘v=spf1 a mx ip4: -all’
v=spf1 – is the SPF record version a – match if IP has a DNS ‘A’ record in a given domain. mx – match if IP is one of the MX hosts for a given domain name. ip4: – match if IP is in the given range. -all – always matches. It goes at the end of your record.
Good job, now you are more protected and this will increase your domain reputation.