Many times PHP applications generate an error which is user friendly, and it’s very important to know how to find the error details, so to resolve the problem you should enable PHP error logging. You could do it easily using some of the best ASP.NET hosting providers which offer a user friendly hosting control panel with their services. In most cases they offer Plesk control panel for Windows.

How to enable PHP error logging using Plesk for Windows

To enable the PHP error logging in Plesk you should follow the next steps: 1. Login into Plesk. 2. Click Subscriptions from the lest menu. 3. Choose the subscription which you want to enable error logging. 4. Click “Logs” from the “Websites & Domains” section. 5. Click on the “All logs” Combo box, which is located on the upper right corner. 6. Select the log “IIS access”, “php_error” (to have this option you should enable it in the PHP Settings section) options. 7. Click Manage log files. 8. Click Log Rotation to configure the Rotation of Log Files and the compression. Now, when you receive some PHP error, you could find the details in the generated log files.